Keyboard Shortcuts

Several shortcuts with the keyboard (and a few with the mouse) make analyzing a video in VidSync much more convenient.

Mouse actions

Left-clicking on the video records a new measurement, annotation, or calibration-related data point, or nothing at all, depending on where you are in the main program window. Right-clicking on the video selects the nearest such object on the screen (if any). Hitting the "delete" key while an item is selected (and the mouse is over the video window) will delete that measurement, but usually not the object it belonged to (task-specific sections explain this behavior in detail).

You can step through both synced and unsynced videos one frame at a time with your mouse scroll wheel (if you don't have one, you can still use the buttons or keyboard shortcuts). Scroll the wheel toward you to step forward, or away to step backward through the video.

You can also hold down command (⌘) while left-clicking to activate chessboard corner detection for a single click input, which will usually snap that input to the center of the nearest visually prominent feature. It's a useful timesaver for clicking on the center of your calibration frame dots if they're made with a checkered pattern. If you have a mouse with multiple buttons, "button 4" also triggers this action.

Keyboard shortcuts for video playback

These shortcuts are active while your mouse is over the a video clip, so you don't have to move it back to the control panel to navigate the video between measurements.

The keyboard symbols used are:

⌘ = Command key
⌥ = Option or Alt key
⇧ = Shift key
→ ← ↑ ↓ = Arrow keys

⌘ + ↑Play all videos, or pause them if they're playing.
⌘ + ↓Play all videos backward.
⌘ + →
⌘ + ←
Step all videos forward or backward 1 frame.
⌥ + →
⌥ + ←
Play all videos forward or backward while pressed.
⌥ + Ctrl + →
⌥ + Ctrl + ←
Play all videos forward or backward at advanced playback rate 1 while pressed.
⌥ + ⌘ + →
⌥ + ⌘ + ←
Play all videos forward or backward at advanced playback rate 2 while pressed.
⌘ + 1%%%⌘ + 2Play all videos forward at advanced rate 1 or 2
⌘ + Ctrl + 1%%%⌘ + Ctrl + 2Play all videos backward at advanced rate 1 or 2

While a video window is focused and it has a selected point or annotation, the arrow keys can move or "nudge" the selected item around, by an amount determined in the VidSync preferences.
spacebar         If a video window is focused, spacebar cycles the focus to the next video window and brings it to the front.