VidSync News

MacOS Big Sur incompatibility (working on a fix)

Jason Neuswanger Thursday January 28, 2021
I'm just posting quickly to let people know that VidSync does NOT work yet on MacOS 11 (Big Sur). Apple made some major changes under the hood, breaking some of the underlying technologies VidSync relied on. There are new and improved versions of all of these deprecated tools, and I'm working on implementing them in VidSync. When I'm done (hopefully early February 2021), I'll post a new version of VidSync that should be compatible going forward with the next several versions of MacOS and with the brand new Macs using Apple Silicon chips. In the meantime, anyone actively using VidSync should hold off on upgrading to Big Sur.

Just a quick update, since things have been stable for a while

Jason Neuswanger Monday April 27, 2020

I know that when I'm looking into a new piece of software, I see a blog that hasn't been updated in a few years and wonder, "Does it still work?"

I'm updating this just to let people know that VidSync is still working just fine, as of macOS version 10.15.1 (Catalina) in mid 2020, and there's nothing on the horizon to suggest that will change. I am still checking it with each new OS version, and if something breaks I'll be quick to fix it.

There haven't been any updates to the program in four years because nothing has broken that would require an urgent update. I have collected a list of minor new feature requests and improvements to be made at some point, but I'm not sure how soon that will happen.

I am still happy to hear about projects for which you're using VidSync (or might plan to use it), and to answer any questions potential or current users might have about the program.

Another small update to 1.66

Jason Neuswanger Wednesday May 25, 2016
This update includes just minor but useful bug fixes. The annoying starting position of the floating synced-playback control panel has been fixed (it should now start in the top left corner of the screen as intended). More importantly, a recently introduced bug that was causing the program to hang for 2 to 15 seconds or so during certain tasks in certain videos has been fixed. These include resizing videos, calculating calibrations, and sometimes measuring points.