VidSync News

Minor update with Version 1.55

Jason Neuswanger Monday March 2, 2015

A new version of VidSync (1.55) is available with several minor bug fixes and user interface inhancements. The main changes since 1.5 include:

  • Added shortcut keys for regular advanced playback rates 1 and 2 (described in the tooltips for their buttons).
  • Fixed some bugs that prevented effective use of VidSync for 2-D calibrations (for people not trying to take 3-D measurements but wanting to record observations in terms of a 2-D grid).
  • Added the ability for annotations to include a running timer from the point the annotation was started (useful for having a "Begin analysis" annotation at a certain point in your video and being able to see how much time has elapsed since that point).
  • Made speed improvements so that files containing thousands of measurements should have playback just as responsive as files containing a few measurements.
  • Adjusted the color of the synced playback scrubber to show up well in Yosemite, since Apple inverted the colors of their sliders in the upgrade from Mavericks.